Pampered Chef Review - Is Pampered Chef a Scam?

Published: 16th December 2009
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Pampered Chef has turn out to be a house hold brand all around the US and other countries including Canada, Germany and The United Kingdom. company. the quality of the products, others because they enjoy the atmosphere it brings to their home and to their , with also a sense of comradery. The experiences within the company are alot of fun if you have ever attended a party that is fun and interesting.Without a doubt, this company has grown to be very lucrative

Let us now talk little more in depth on Pampered Chef. Dorris Christopher started Pampered Chef in 1980 in the basement of her Chicago home. She came up with the plan to offer proficient quality kitchen equipment precisely to the consumer by means of home cooking demonstrations. In 1980 Dorris begins with an inventory of 71 products. She produced and tested recipes and began the kitchen show. Pampered Chef reached a staggering profit of $6689.78 within the first year! By 1982 the company pulled in over $100,000.. In 1984 they published their first catalog and reached a profit of over $500,000. In 1985 there were now 32 consultants from four states. Within 1990 sales reached $10 million. 1996 Pampered Chef opens business in Canada. 2000 Pampered Chef opens in Germany and in 2002 Pampered Chef joins the Berkshire Hathaway family of business.

So let's discuss a little bit about the compensation program and how this business can be doing well for you if you select to make this venture. The Pampered Chef Compensation program is not like most other multi-level marketing company compensation plans out there. To earn money with the Pampered Chef Compensation you will have to do home parties at the hostess' house so there is a lot of tool toting, cooking and a lot of chatting. During these shows, you are clearing up the versatility of the products that Pampered Chef sells and the convenience of their recipes. You prepare a few of the recipes the hostess picks out as a demo of the products and recipes, while the guests eat on what you have organized you collect orders, book parties and respond to questions. You are then paid a percentage of the sales you have completed at each of the parties. You are also rewarded a percentage of what the people you are able to recruit, sell. The difference is that the higher you move up in the company the more you make so the best way to make this profitable should you choose to do so is sell your tail off!

Pampered Chef is certainly not a scam and has been a major income for numerous families. It seems this business can be what you yield it or what you want it to be if you want income on the side and cooking is what you enjoy as a hobby or a career that may perhaps be for you.

After reading the Pampered Chef review, you will find the company can be a excellentopening if you understand how to build a business properly. Most folkswho start a Pampered Chef business will never attain the levels of success that they desire because they don't have dynamic marketing skills. To learn how to put together a Pampered Chef business from the ground up, visit Dan Sigafoos's MLM Guide.

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